In this blog, we will share with you the most prominent features that lie within RK-Sys Platinum v4.0, a Renko trading system for NinjaTrader 8.


By the time you finish reading, you will have a grasp of the incredible benefits that our freshly upgraded system offers.


Let's dive right in and explore the possibilities that await you!

✅ Price action signals 

In addition to the pullback signals based on moving averages, we have added a brand-new pullback signal type that is based on price action. This addition expands your options and empowers you to choose signals that align perfectly with your unique trading style.

You now have a total of five pullback signals to choose from: EMA Fast, EMA Slow, SMA Fast, SMA Slow, and price action.


Fine-tune signal filtering for optimal efficiency 

Take control of system-generated pullback signals with the advanced Age Filter and Retracement Filter features.

By applying the Age Filter feature horizontally and the Retracement Filter feature vertically, you can refine and filter the signals to your specific needs.

These robust filters provide seamless adaptability to a wide range of instruments and market conditions, ensuring optimal efficiency in your trading strategy.


Customize your path to trading success 

RK-Sys Platinum v4.0 breaks free from rigidity. With the ability to customize various aspects, such as signal filtering, signal display preferences, smoothing moving averages, and more, you have the freedom to shape your trading experience.

These customization options enable you to leverage your unique trading expertise and maximize profits according to your individual style.


Perfect for newbies and pros 

Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, using this system will accelerate your market immersion and enable you to gain valuable experience effortlessly.

Are you a NEWBIE? Do you find yourself hesitant to invest a substantial amount of money into a complex trading system that might surpass your current knowledge and abilities?

No need to worry! RK-Sys Platinum v4.0 provides you with a QUICK approach to the market, regardless of your limited trading experience.


Solid backtesting results 

RK-Sys Platinum v4.0 has undergone extensive backtesting over a 200-day period. If you are curious about the profit performance of this Renko trading system, we invite you to watch our latest video below.

In this video, we unveil its impressive backtesting results specifically focused on the Price Action signal type.

Additionally, we have prepared a separate video where we conducted backtesting on the EMA Slow and SMA Fast signals generated by this Renko-based system. If you're eager to discover the results, simply click here.


Unlock the full potential 

Upon acquiring RK-Sys Platinum v4.0, you will receive detailed and expertly crafted instructions on how to effectively utilize the system and apply it within the realm of live trading.

These comprehensive guidelines will equip you with the necessary knowledge and insights about the system to navigate the trading world with confidence and success.