Ever wondered how you can amp up your trading game? Well, at the RenkoKings store, we've got some seriously cool Renko reversal indicators, along with pullback indicators to enhance your trading experience.


If you're all about that Renko chart action, you've gotta check out these indicators. They could be a perfect fit for your trading system.

 ✅ For Renko reversal indicators, Multi-Osc OB/OS Overlap is the way to go!


Multi-Osc OB/OS Overlap brings a twist to the typical signal occurrence.


Normally, signals appear in the overbought/oversold zones.


The indicator's reversal signals, however, emerge immediately after the overlap region of the 3 famous oscillators - MFI, RSI, and Stochastic - finishes. This innovative approach significantly boosts the reliability of reversal signals created by this indicator.

✅For Pullback indicators, Sumo pullback$ have got you covered.


Sumo Pullback$ doesn't just provide ordinary pullback signals—it delivers the STRONGEST ones. This is because its signals display at Reversal bars that cut through the clouds, forcefully propelling the price back to the main market trend.


It also provides you with trends and zones. All the key elements of the market are wrapped up in ONE nifty indicator.

Noble Cloud delivers pullback signals at Reversal bars that touch the clouds.


As the clouds thicken and the baseline plot steepens, the trend becomes clearer and stronger, generating signals that are HIGHLY trustworthy.


It also helps you quickly recognize trends and zones, thanks to clouds and the baseline plot. Adding this 3-in-1 indicator to your trading toolkit is worth giving some thought.

✅For Renko bar, we have a cutting-edge bar type in the house.


KingRenko$ is a backtest-friendly version of the popular ninZaRenko bar.


If you want to execute a trade or backtest your strategy accurately on Renko bars, KingRenko$ has got you covered. It is capable of showing the real OHLC of a candle. This unique bar is a step up from ninZaRenko!