Viper Futures

Viper Futures by Peter Karaverdian is a site dedicated to the Art and Passion of Trading in the Futures Markets. Offering its resources and referrals to the industries top-notch Professionals, from Platforms, Brokers, Coders, Indicators, Trading Combines and many more. Hard, But Attainable, one should focus their money on the markets and the best tools necessary to perform with an edge. Peter began his trading career in 2012 when he decided to move his family out of California to Texas and leave the Corporate rate race in the Legal Industry, followed by the Automotive Management industry. Spending 7 sleepless years to master the markets by exploring and digging DEEP into every possible system and approach out there. Peter's background and relationships has gained recognition on sites such as, and many professional trading firm relationships and affiliations. A discretionary trader by heart, Peter also has some preliminary background in semi and automated algorithmic studies. Visit homepage →