Slide-In Effect
Slide In Effect
  • A trader who is trading on NT8.
  • Using a slow computer.
  • Enters orders based on signals such as reversal, pullback, breakout, or price action.
  • Scalper, swing trader, or any other type.
  • Using Renko bar or Heiken Ashi.


  • The market moves too fast to be able to place orders in time.
  • Being tired of constantly observing price movement but missing out on trading opportunities.
  • Computer-slow
  • Building order conditions based on the reference price for all order types: LMT, MIT, STP, SLM, and Market.
  • Entering a trade right after a reversal bar, upbar, or downbar appears.
  • Not into complexity.


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EOB Ordering:

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Product Features

        •  Place EOB market orders.
        •  Place EOB pending orders: LMT, MIT, STP, SLM (with predefined SLM offsets).
        •  Allow choosing reference price type for pending orders: next bar’s first tick or focused bar’s close, open, high, low, median, typical, weighted.
        •  Allow choosing reference price offset (in ticks or pips) for pending orders.
        •  Allow defining bar bias (up/down) based on bar body (i.e. the difference between bar close & bar open).
        •  Allow defining bar bias (up/down) based on neutral range.
        • Allow defining bar bias (up/down) based on whether the focused bar closes outside the previous bar’s range.
        •  Allow keeping EOB order active through bars with Active ‘Til Canceled option.
        •  Support 4 presets for quantity.
        •  Display real-time status of an EOB order.
        •  Provide easy management via a draggable & customizable control panel.

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I would like to thank you so much for the assistance you have provided me. You have been patient, professional and knowledgeable. Special thanks for logging into my system and quickly resolving my installation issues.
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