SharkIndicators is the reputable company behind BloodHound - the most popular trade designer for NinjaTrader.

Professionals are always iterating

Trading requires finding a system that works. BloodHound makes it simple to create trade signals, experiment with new ideas, and validate them with backtesting. No coding required:
  • Build your system.
  • Backtest & iterate.
  • Trade with more peace of mind.

Time Is Money

You wouldn’t fly with an untested pilot… So why trade an untested system?

So many traders do because of how time-consuming backtesting is… or was.

With BloodHound, what once took days is now achievable in minutes! Don’t just talk about it… Be about it:
  • Bring trading ideas to life.
  • Discover which trades make money.
  • Execute with accuracy.
Create your own NinjaTrader strategy in minutes → BloodHound