Profile Configurations

The key configuration of a market profile indicator is the resolution, which is the secondary data series that the indicator uses for sampling volume or TPO distribution. For example, if you use a 1-tick resolution, the indicator will automatically add a 1-tick data series "behind the scenes" to compute the distribution of volume or TPO by price. The indicator supports 3 resolution types: tick, second, minute. Which resolution to choose is basically a trade-off between profile accuracy and loading speed. Higher profile accuracy worsens loading speed, and vice versa. The loading speed also depends very much on the speeds of your internet connection and data feed. Here is the list of resolution configurations sorted in descending order of profile accuracy: 1-tick resolution
  • Profile accuracy: 100% ACCURATE
  • Loading speed: rather slow
N-tick resolution (N = 2, 3, 4, 5, ...)
  • Profile accuracy: very high
  • Loading speed: moderate
1-second resolution
  • Profile accuracy: very high
  • Loading speed: moderate
N-second resolution (N = 2, 3, 4, 5, ...)
  • Profile accuracy: high
  • Loading speed: moderate
1-minute resolution
  • Profile accuracy: moderate on medium timeframes, high on big timeframes
  • Loading speed: fast
N-minute resolution (N = 2, 3, 4, 5, ...)
  • Profile accuracy: low on medium timeframes, moderate on big timeframes
  • Loading speed: fast
Now you have understood the effect of each configuration. Please test the configurations on your end to derive the most suitable one. Here are some advice:
  • If you have a very good internet speed, please choose 1-tick resolution without a second thought.
  • If you are very serious on profile accuracy, and you can wait for the indicator to load data (go for a meal or coffee in the mean time lol), please choose 1-tick resolution.
  • If you have a day or week chart, please choose 1-minute resolution.
  • If you trade a very small timeframe (e.g. 15-second chart or 50-tick chart), please choose 1-tick or 1-second resolution.
If you are still not sure which resolution is most suitable, please contact us for FREE instructions.