Overview of Chart Trader in NinjaTrader 8

Chart Trader in NinjaTrader 8: An Overview

Mastering NinjaTrader 8's Chart Trader and ATM Strategy for Effortless Trading If you're a trader looking for an intuitive and efficient way to place and manage trades directly from your price chart, then NinjaTrader 8's Chart Trader is your answer! Today, with guidance from ninZa.co, you can say goodbye to multiple windows and screens; because Chart Trader empowers you with real-time market insights and fast execution.

Manage Chart Trader with Ease

Opening Chart Trader

To access Chart Trader within a chart window, you have two simple options: Click the Chart Trader button in the chart toolbar or enable the Chart Trader property in the chart properties window. And guess what? You can even hide the Chart Trader panel while keeping it active in the background by selecting "Chart Trader Hidden" from the chart toolbar – talk about a clean chart view!

Trade Insights

The Order and Position Display provides you with valuable trade information, displaying the direction, quantity, average entry price, and unrealized profit and loss of your open positions. You can left-click in the field to switch between ticks, points, pips, currency, or percent – it's your choice! You can customize it in the Chart Trader properties too.

Order Placement

Placing orders is now a breeze with Chart Trader. Utilize the quick buttons at the top of the panel for seamless order submission.

  • The Buy market and Sell market buttons will place a market order in the specified direction.
  • The Buy ask and Sell ask buttons will place a limit order at the ask price.
  • The Buy bid and Sell bid buttons will place a limit order at the bid price.
  • The Reverse button will close an open position and then enter a market order in the opposite direction with the same quantity as the closed position.
  • Plus, you can close any open positions displayed on your chart with just a click of the Close button.

OCO Orders

Mastering One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO) orders has never been easier. Just right-click in the Chart Trader panel, click OCO, and you're all set.

If one order in an OCO group is filled or cancelled, the other will automatically follow suit. Just remember to turn OCO off after placing two orders and back on when you want to place a new set of OCO orders.

Manage Active Orders

Want to move or cancel an active order? You can click the tag of the order once and then click in the chart where you'd like to move it, or right-click the tag and select "Increase Price" or "Decrease Price."

And to cancel an active order, either click the X on the order line near the y-axis or right-click the tag and select "Cancel Order."

Enhance Your Trading with ATM Strategy

Now, let's explore the game-changer – ATM Strategy! It automates the process of placing multiple orders simultaneously, including entries, stop-losses, and take-profits, based on your predefined rules and parameters. With this feature from Chart Trader, you can create, customize, and save your ATM strategies for precision and efficiency in every trade.

Step 1.

First, set your desired order quantity (e.g., 1 contract).

Step 2. Then select "<Custom>" from the ATM Strategy control list to open the Custom Strategy Parameters window. Step 3. To match with your trading strategy, define your Stop Loss and Profit Target values (e.g., 4 ticks and 8 ticks, respectively).

Step 4. Next, save your ATM Strategy as a template with a name like "8 Tick 1 Target."

Once your order is filled, the ATM Strategy takes charge and automatically submits your Stop Loss and Profit Target orders, leaving you free to focus on your next opportunity.
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