Email Configurations

Please follow these instructions to properly configure sender & receiver emails for NinjaTrader alert tools.

Sender Email

Here is the instruction to set up sender email for Gmail, the most popular email service. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND GMAIL FOR THE MOST STABLE PERFORMANCE.
From NinjaTrader Control Center, please choose the "Tools" menu, then select "Options", here in the "General" category please click to edit "Share services".

Then add an email service with the following credentials.


Receiver Email

In the setting window of the alert tool (here we take MA Crossover as an example), please input an email which you want alerts to be sent to. Remember to enable the email function.

Most phone providers provide you with a special email (see below). Any email sent to this special email will turn into a SMS message to your phone. Thus, you can employ this feature to create a SMS alert. Based on your provider below, you just simply replace "cellnumber" with your actual cell number. For example, in the setting window of the alert tool, you set to be your receiver email. Then every time an alert is triggered, you will get a SMS message sent directly to your 1234567890 phone.
  • AT&T –
  • Verizon –
  • T-Mobile –
  • Sprint PCS –
  • Virgin Mobile –
  • MetroPCS –
  • US Cellular –
  • Nextel –
  • Boost –
  • Alltel –
Please note that:
  • Non-US phone providers may be different, so please check with your provider.
  • Data charges may apply.