We're excited to share with you that our team has released Noble Cloud, an outstanding indicator for Renko traders.

  • Helping you trade with less stress and more comfort
  • Generating reliable trade signals
  • Improving your current trading strategy or replacing all your current indicators

Noble Cloud includes clouds and a baseline plot that shows the bullish and bearish states of the market. The clouds along the colored baseline indicate the area you need to focus on to place a trade.

The clouds are separated into bullish and bearish clouds with different user-defined colors, making it easy to analyze the market trend and recognize entry signal areas.

Therefore, the downtrend and uptrend clouds can help eliminate wasted time and energy spent constantly monitoring the screen for price volatility. Your task now is simply to pay attention to the market when the clouds begin to form.

There are also signal candles based on the logic of price reversals upon cloud touch to inform you of the right time to take action. The signal candles created by Noble Cloud are extremely reliable when they appear at the very first stage of the clouds’ formation, indicating strong pullbacks and an upcoming explosive move.

All in all, we launched Noble Cloud to help you:

  • Identify trend phases more easily with the simplicity of the baseline plot
  • Eliminate disinformation that harmfully affects your trading activities
  • Receive accurate entry signals based on probability