Are you in search of robust indicators to enhance your NinjaTrader Renko strategy?


In this blog post, we've got a quick rundown of our best-selling items at our Renko-oriented store:


Sumo Pullback$ is an all-in-one indicator that's got your back when it comes to Trends, Zones, and Signals.

✅ With its reliable and accurate PULLBACK signals, you can easily trade in a trending market.


✅ The color and shape of its clouds quickly tell you whether the market is trending or sideways, and where the trading zone is.


KingRenko$ is a backtestable version of the popularninZaRenko bar.


✅ It shows you the real OHLC of a candle, which makes backtesting super accurate.


✅ If you base your trading strategy on the OPEN price, KingRenko$ is a smarter choice than ninZaRenko.


Solar Wind RK is a renko-optimized version of the SolarWind indicator.

✅ It's TICK-based, which matches perfectly with the stair-step movements of Renko bars.


✅ You can easily determine how many adverse bars a prevailing trend can tolerate with this indicator.

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