Triple-Range Rover is a powerful trend indicator that'll keep you up to speed with market trends.

What's unique about Triple-Range Rover? It can keep you in a strong trend until the very end, without "hiccups" in the middle.

Other trend indicators often show "hiccups", which means a Green uptrend will switch to a Red downtrend but just temporarily for a few bars, then resume to a Green uptrend again (so annoying).

That thing is much less observed with Triple-Range Rover. Please see the pic below... which shows SMOOTH uptrends & downtrends... Fewer hiccups. Much easier to trade, right ??

But what really makes Triple-Range Rover stand out is that it works not only in trending markets but also in choppy ones with lots of sideways movement, where most other trend indicators fail miserably.

Check out the video below to see Triple-Range Rover in action on minute and ninZaRenko charts. It'll give you a better idea of how this price-responsive indicator works.