We are sure you're no stranger to Price Action analysis, and you might even be rocking it in your trading game. It's a big hit among traders, including giant "whales" like institutional investors, hedge funds, and well-to-do individuals.


A popular tool used in price action analysis is the zigzag indicator.


However, relying solely on the market structure observed through available zigzag indicators isn't enough to detect crucial swing points that indicate a SIGNIFICANT shift in the market trend.


If you're after ultra-reliable swing points, the combination of market structure and volume is the secret sauce.


Our Zigzag Swing Pro has got you covered. This revolutionary zigzag indicator for NinjaTrader 8 provides a wealth of insights into price action.


And we are not just talking about market structure and volume. It spills the beans on swing length, bar count, duration, retracement, and a whole lot more!


Let us walk you through how to utilize Zigzag Swing Pro to discover those golden swing points.


To spot swing points that signal an Uptrend:

✅ The sell volume is gradually declining, while the buy volume is consistently gaining momentum.

✅ The market is in a downtrend, and the price movement exceeds the Top located right before it.


To spot swing points that signal a Downtrend:

✅ Buy volume is gradually decreasing, while sell volume is steadily picking up.

✅ The market is in an uptrend, and the price movement surpasses the closest Bottom.


Take a closer look at the picture below, and you'll get a clear sense of what I'm trying to convey about this NinjaTrader 8 zigzag indicator.