Activate/Migrate’s indicators 100% YOURSELF

We have just released “License Manager” in’s Customer Zone & RenkoKings’ Customer Zone, as you can see in the picture above. From now on, you can activate/migrate’s indicators 100% YOURSELF.

It sounds unbelievable, right? We have just made it come true, after nearly a FULL year of planning, developing, tweaking, and testing.

Previously, our indicator licensing was tied to the built-in Machine ID. In many cases, Machine IDs are identical on different computers, which causes unnecessary difficulties for licensing. The 2nd problem is more serious: Machine ID changes frequently. We are sure you may have experienced a lot of troubles with this.

Therefore, in the new licensing system, we use ninZaID (our own ID, based on computer info) as a replacement for the built-in Machine ID. Because ninZaID is unique & permanent, the 2 problems mentioned above have been resolved.

We have finished the introduction, don’t wait any longer :) Please follow our instructions below to start experiencing the superPower of our new licensing system.

A. Install the newest ninZaResources

1. First of all, please click the link below to download the new version of ninZaResources:

2. Next, import the new ninZaResources file you have downloaded above into NinjaTrader 8 (confirm “Yes” if asked) to upgrade to the new ninZaResources version (“02 Feb 2023”). If you need a guide on how to import, please read our instructions at

3. Finally, you must restart NinjaTrader 8 for the new version to take effect. Yes, a must !!!

B. Get ninZaID of your computer

1. Add “ninZaResources” to your chart (just add it normally like any other indicators).

2. You will see a button named “ninZaID“, please click the button to bring up a popup that provides ninZaID info.

3. Click “Copy ninZaID” to copy ninZaID to your clipboard.

These steps are visually explained at

Now ninZaID has been copied to your clipboard, ready for the activation process. Let’s move on to the amazing license management in Customer Zone.

C. Access the “License Manager” page

Please log in to Customer Zone on your correct store → or, then select the “License Manager” tab and manage the indicator licenses there.

Here are the videos we prepared to help you get familiar with “License Manager”:

Cheers! From now on, you can activate/migrate’s indicators 100% YOURSELF. Enjoy it :)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need clarifications, explanations, or assistance. We are glad to help!