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The answer is undoubtedly… SOLAR WIND, our precious invention that has helped hundreds of traders worldwide trade with trends much more precisely, efficiently, productively


It’s basically a complete trend-trading system just like Ichimoku, that gives you EVERYTHING about trend phases, trend-switch signals, pullback entry signals, trend-strengthening signals…


So, what’s the secret?


It is Solar Wind’s accurate “Trend Vector” plot that interprets both trend DIRECTION + trend STRENGTH. This is possibly... the easiest way to have trends identified and plotted directly on your chart.


We researched hard to develop Solar Wind as an indicator that is purely based on ninZaATR (included) and price action, totally not using any moving averages or smoothing, in order to minimize lags. This improves the indicator’s performance significantly, especially on intraday charts.



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Solar Wind does all the HARD work of interpreting trends for you

There’s a secret to trading Solar Wind…


Solar Wind’s best signal is the PULLBACK entry, mostly the very 1st pullback entry after the market enters a new trend. You know, when the market takes a temporary breath and pulls back before continuing… That’s the perfect time to join the train.


Solar Wind is there… simply to help you get in, without having to risk chasing the trend.


Trend following has been simplified to the maximum… Because all you do is let Solar Wind check the trend for you… and then you locate the best pullbacks to enter with.


If the “Trend Vector” plot is flat, the trend is weak: maybe it’s experiencing a correction, or it has matured with an imminent reversal.


If the “Trend Vector” plot heads upward, the uptrend is strong. If the “Trend Vector” plot heads downward, the downtrend is strong.


Just that simple!


When you see the Trend Vector plot like this in the E-Mini S&P 500 (ES)… You get ready to enter with the trailing stop attached… and take a ride for 200+ ticks.



And… When you see the trend start to develop “Steps”… Solar Wind is letting you know that the trend is showing fatigue and you should prepare to exit.



Here is how Solar Wind shows its power on a downtrend… getting 200+ ticks...



This is Solar Wind on this E-Mini S&P 500 Futures 3-min chart… grabbing 470+ ticks…



And here in the E-Mini NASDAQ (NQ) on a 3-min chart… going for 1000 ticks…


Introducing Solar Wind…

The simple-yet-powerful way to trade with trends... Without worrying that you are chasing trends, or that you are exiting too early... Exclusively for trading any Futures market you want, on NinjaTrader 8!


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