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We would like to thank and congratulate all the customers who pre-ordered our masterpiece HelloWin for only $139 (after the record discount of 60% OFF). All of the pre-orders have been successfully delivered!
+ If you haven’t received our delivery, please log in to Customer Zone to download & install.
+ If you still have any problems downloading or installing HelloWin, please contact us for assistance.

7 days before the official release of HelloWin, we just thought why we didn’t have a “Pre-order” program for our loyal customers, which we had never done in our business history? This program could help our loyal customers save a lot of $$$ (more than $200 saving), because during this 7-day period traders could pre-order HelloWin at a record discount rate: 60% OFF.

Inspire by Tesla with more than 1.25 million pre-orders for Tesla Cybertruck, we thought why didn’t give it a try? With some luck,’s program might also be successful. Who knows, lol :)

Tesla Cybertruck

Then ACTION! We quickly designed and launched the pre-order program for thousands of our customers. We were thrilled about what would happen.

And… the result is way out of our imagination! Within the past several days, we have received an incredible massive list of pre-orders from around the world. Honestly, there have been so many pre-orders that we don’t know if there will be anyone else to purchase HelloWin after its official release :D

Even if there will not be any orders after the release, we are still extremely happy because the pre-order program has excellently completed its mission: help our loyal customers get a robust analysis tool at an incredibly low cost, saving tons of money. From now on, traders with HelloWin can analyze their trading conditions thoroughly before making live trades.

The success of “Pre-order” is primarily a matter of TRUST, and a pre-order program can only be successful if the vendor is reputable enough. This explains the tremendous success of HelloWin pre-order program, since is a top vendor of reputation. We always do our best to deliver what we promise, usually HIGHER. Thank you very much for your continued trust in!

These days, we have constantly received superHigh volumes of tickets related to HelloWin orders and concerns, having broken the records of incoming ticket volumes happening on the historic days when we released the best of the bestsellers like Divergence Engine$, Solar Wind, or Cumulative Delta. Therefore, we apologize for any delay in our responses.

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