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How it works

First of all, it should me made clear that TripleWinz program does NOT pay cash. You receive credits (instead of cash) for referring your friends to Your credits can then be converted to cash equivalents for you to spend at’s store.

Upon joining this program, you are given a referral link. You then invite your friends to our website via your referral link. If a friend of yours makes a purchase at after clicking the link, you are credited with 10% of his purchase (suppose your rank is TripleWinz Bronze). For example, if your friend buys our Magical TMA Bands for $129, you will receive a $12.9 credit.

A wonderful point is that you can refer YOURSELF. Yes, referring yourself still counts. Without joining TripleWinz and referring yourself, you are wasting up to 25% of your purchases.

10% is just the rate of the initial rank. With more referrals, you will jump to a higher rank and have a higher rate.

RankRateCondition to Reach
TripleWinz BRONZE10%You are here at the start.
TripleWinz SILVER15%Your total # of referrals reach $20. very easy
TripleWinz GOLD20%Your total # of referrals reach $150.
TripleWinz DIAMOND25%Your total # of referrals reach $300.

How to spend your credits

You can, anytime & on your own, convert all or part of your credits to a discount code that you can apply during checkout at’s store. For example, you have accumulated a total of $55 credits. You have it converted to a $55 coupon code. Then when purchasing our Ruby River whose price is $149, you apply the code and need to pay only $149 – $55 = $94.

You can get an indicator for FREE if the coupon code value is greater than or equal to the indicator price.

As its name indicates, TripleWinz program helps everyone win. Let’s break it down:

  1. YOU win: You receive credits for referring your friends or yourself, which can be converted to discount codes to save you a lot of money.
  2. YOUR FRIENDS win: Your friends get to know, where they can purchase the best NinjaTrader indicators for very affordable costs which are just fractional of other vendors’. Your friends can also join TripleWinz program and enjoy all the benefits as you do.
  3. wins: Of course, we are happy because: we help you save a lot of money + we have more new happy customers.

Those are triple wins, right? Now it’s time to make the easiest decision in your life! Register in less than 1 minute, then save up to 25% on each & every of your purchase from now on.

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