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Let’s Vote for a Special Forum

Just 1 minute, please! Your response is important, especially if you are a pro trader

You may have been at many trading forums, downloaded many many great indicators there… But at the end of the day, you have still been losing money. Why? Because even a really sharp sword in the hands of a weak guy is useless!

Therefore, the problem is a working TRADING METHOD.
Who can teach working trading methods? Only pro traders can!

However, pro traders are mostly absent from trading forums, where they know they will finally get burned in negative speeches from… losers. No kidding, losers attack pros – this happens again and again at every forum. That is why losers are still losers, and pros will not waste their invaluable time at forums.

A forum without pro traders is a dead forum because it provides no values at all. This is the common phenomenon everywhere.

Now… We would like to change that phenomenon by building a SPECIAL trading forum which is genuinely VALUABLE + PEACEFUL. We will make our ultimate efforts to pave the rosy way for pro traders to comfortably stay there and advise/teach traders.

Here are 2 important characteristics of the forum:

  • The forum is super heavily moderated to ensure a peaceful environment. Without peace, pro traders will leave!
  • It is a forum with paid memberships: traders will pay annual fees (equivalent to just 27 cents/day) to have access to critical sections of the forum: trading methods, money management, realtime opportunities, code sharing… These sections are pros’ stages (pro traders won’t have to pay any fees).

We will focus on maintaining a forum of QUALITY, not quantity. Having a large crowd of 10,000+ traders is NOT what we aim for. We would rather a much smaller private community of just 500 or 1,000 serious traders, with genuine value and genuine peace.

Let’s imagine, what if a professional trading method becomes publicly available on a free forum and is used by many traders across the globe? It will get less and less effective. That is why we decide to implement a paid-membership model to restrict great trading resources to only traders who really commit.

However, building a great forum takes a huge amount of time, money and effort. We will only risk our resources if we receive great interests and supports from the community. Please VOTE on the right to let us know your opinion

Will you likely join the forum when it is released?
I'm a pro. Yes, I will definitely join to advise or teach traders.
I'm a pro. No, I won't join because I'm not interested in helping others.
I'm a pro. I will wait to see how the forum is and make the decision later.
I'm still a learner. Yes, I will definitely join to learn trading.
I'm still a learner. No, I won't join because I'm not interested in learning at forums.
I'm still a learner. I will wait to see how the forum is and make the decision later.
Please Specify:
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