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As one of the world’s best & largest NinjaTrader vendors, we provide
pro trading software
for 20,000+ traders worldwide.

What makes us different?

  • One-stop shop for ~100 pro indicators of all types
  • High-quality indicators that are outstanding in performance
  • World-class support anytime you need, FREE for life
  • Reasonable prices so that traders can afford
  • No hidden fees, just a one-time payment for a lifetime license

Our indicators are worldwide recognized as:

Essential. Excellent. Elegant. Affordable.




Who use our indicators? has tens of thousands of users across the globe.

Our customer analysis shows that our pro-grade indicators are being used daily by:

  • Beginning traders
  • Intermediate traders
  • Pro traders who trade full-time for their livings
  • Educators, room moderators, signal providers, trading vendors
  • Institutional traders, fund managers

Thanks for all of your great indicators. They are the highest quality in the industry. Happy new year!

Scott (Fund Manager)


These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other users or customers, and do not guarantee future performance or success.

 by B. on
Perfect indicators

Kindly accept my sincere appreciation for Your indicators are changing the way we see the market and work perfectly, enabling us to take strategic decisions.

- Purchased MA-Slope Trend Filter, Half Trend Pro, HelloWin, Supply/Demand Discovery, Gann HiLo Activator Pro

 by B. on
Awesome customer & technical support team

Every trader needs an edge in their trading arsenal, indicators are the best in class with a clear and straightforward approach to what a trader needs in detail to execute profitable trades and eliminate errors. I only use the ninZaRenko charts and their indicators can be used with any strategy builders. The indicators work spot on with any rules to engage trading entry/exit signals.

There is a difference between meeting & exceeding expectations, the customer & technical support team at exceeded my expectation. The team answered all my questionnaires with patience and provided suggestions for the ease of using indicators to run customs trading strategies.

I would strongly recommend and wish you great success.

- Purchased MA-Slope Trend Filter, Half Trend Pro, HelloWin, Supply/Demand Discovery, Gann HiLo Activator Pro

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[Video] What Easy Trend has to offer???

[Video] What Easy Trend has to offer???

We are thrilled and so thankful to receive the first reviews on's products, submitted by our loyal customers in response to our ninZaRecording program. We think it might be useful for ninZaFamily members to have a glimpse...’s TAKEOVER of’s TAKEOVER of

David Lembo, the owner of RenkoKings, can no longer take care of the business due to his health problems. As an agreement between David and us, will take over RenkoKings 100% from now on. This takeover comes naturally because is the author of...

Support/Resistance Radar = S/R profile + Auto S/R drawing

Support/Resistance Radar = S/R profile + Auto S/R drawing

Last week we released a big PRIME* indicator: Support/Resistance Radar. This new release has been warmly welcomed by the trading community with plenty of copies steadily sold day in, day out since the release last week. However, at the same time, we have also received...

Anniversary Sale of 2022

Anniversary Sale of 2022

Years ago we joined NinjaTrader Ecosystem in May and have quickly grown to be one of the largest and most reputable brands in the arena. In contrast to our competitors who spend huge $$$ on advertising to acquire users, we have grown at a tremendous speed thanks to...

Unbelievable success of HelloWin pre-order program

Unbelievable success of HelloWin pre-order program

We would like to thank and congratulate all the customers who pre-ordered our masterpiece HelloWin for only $139 (after the record discount of 60% OFF). All of the pre-orders have been successfully delivered! + If you haven't received our delivery, please log in to...

ninZaRenko goes AHEAD of other renko versions

ninZaRenko goes AHEAD of other renko versions

John Santos @ ninZaRenko I have spent many months comparing the performance of the ninZaRenko with renko versions from other sources. There’s a strong preference...

The value of Volume Delta

The value of Volume Delta

Peter Karaverdian @ Volume Delta In professional day trading, we use a couple to a few top tools that help us confirm where good trade potentials can be. Using the...

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