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Get Naked Extrema @ HUGE Saving (public price: $249)

Naked Extrema is a super useful indicator that displays naked extremum levels.

Extrema include:

  • Maxima: Maxima are also known as market tops. A maximum point must be not lower than the highs of N bars to its left and not lower than the highs of M bars to its right.
  • Minima: Minima are also known as market bottoms. A minimum point must be not greater than the lows of N bars to its left and not greater than the lows of M bars to its right.

A naked extremum level is valid until the market exceeds the level, verified by a close.

The indicator allows you to define the qualifying age of an extremum level: an extremum level is considered meaningful only if it is at least X bars old.

The “Smart Level Thickness” feature is extremely useful in helping you conveniently recognize how old a level is. An old level is thicker, and a young level is thinner. The thickness of a level is proportional to its age (measured in bars).

The super indicator can alert you when the market approaches within some ticks from the nearest extremum level.

Naked Extrema works perfectly on any charts: minute, tick, volume, day, range, renko, ninZaRenko, UniRenko…

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