We are looking for partners who are interested in reselling our 100+ premium NinjaTrader indicators.

If you are a prominent trader, a trading influencer, an educator, a coach/mentor, a trading room spokesperson, a community leader… then our ninZaReseller program is the best fit for you.

We offer pro-grade NinjaTrader indicators that are being used by 20K+ traders across all the continents. Our indicators are well known as Essential / Excellent / Elegant / Affordable. So you will be reselling the best indicators in the industry.

ninZaReseller is a great program to help you boost revenues and create new business opportunities. Joining the ninZaReseller program, you will be eligible for exclusive discounts & offers that are NOT available to the public. Reseller discounts start from 35% OFF and increase depending on your volume of purchases.

More wonderfully, you will have the opportunity to be featured on our high-traffic websites as our “Official Reseller” or “Educational Partner”, which will instantly boost your exposure in front of thousands of traders visiting us every day.

By packaging our premium indicators along with your existing services, you can expand your reach and create a deeper engagement with your customers.

Who supports customers?

  • We will provide support for all technical problems.
  • You just need to provide your traders with the best trading advice & guidance: knowledge, experience, tips & tricks… on how to use the indicators for improved trading results.

You and we will together provide the best trading solutions for traders to win the markets.

We are especially looking for resellers from the following regions or languages:

  • US / English
  • Canada / English or French
  • Australia / English
  • Germany / German
  • France / French
  • UK / English
  • Switzerland / German or French

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of our products or just simply want to get some clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would love to hear from you!

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