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Pre-orders Closed

The pre-order program has ended with unbelievable success. HelloWin cannot be pre-ordered anymore!
Because the masterpiece product has been officially released, you can now purchase it at

We are super excited to announce the upcoming release of HelloWin addon for NinjaTrader 8. HelloWin is’s masterpiece that will be released next week.

7 days more until the release… and we are preparing the final steps for this Phenomenal release of 2022. However, in the meantime, we just thought why we didn’t have a “Pre-order” program for our loyal customers, which we have never done in our business history?

To help our loyal customers save a lot of $$$ (more than $200 saving), we will give a 1-week period during which you can pre-order HelloWin at the lowest price possible. After this early-access time, the price will just increase until reaching the regular price.

Let’s make it short: we will reserve a MASSIVE 60% discount for those who pre-order HelloWin from now through next week’s Wednesday (March 09, 2022). Here’s the math:

  • HelloWin’s regular price is $349.
  • If you pre-order HelloWin, your price will be $139 only (after 60% discount).

This can be the BEST $139 that you have ever spent, because HelloWin is an invaluable addon that will let you trade with CONFIDENCE.

What is HelloWin ???

HelloWin is’s amazing analysis tool for NinjaTrader 8 that helps traders create & test any trading conditions that are based on existing indicators on a chart. Traders will easily visualize how price action behaves after a set of user-defined conditions is met. For example, you can analyze 50 bars after the RSI oscillator exits an oversold zone to see if the market goes up, down, or sideways within these 50 bars.

Each & every trader needs this software to learn the market’s movement models BEFORE trading live. If you see the price moves adversely, don’t trade those conditions and you can avoid losses. If you see the price moves in your favor, you can trade those conditions with confidence.

For example, you would like to see how the market behaves within 30 bars after all of the following conditions (*) are met:

  • Step 1: HMA 15 is above SMA 30.
  • Step 2: The market closes above EMA 200.
  • Step 3: RSI 14 is below 50.

The chart to analyze is 50 days of NQ data, using ninZaRenko 12/4.
As you see, this is a set of conditions aimed for going LONG.

Here are what you’ll do, step by step:

  • Step 1: Create a blank NQ chart using ninZaRenko 12/4 and load 50 days of data.
  • Step 2: Add HMA 15, SMA 30, EMA 200, RSI 14 to your chart.
  • Step 3: Create those conditions (*) in HelloWin.
  • Step 4: Set “Analysis Period” in HelloWin to 30 bars.
  • Step 5: Click “ANALYZE” and wait for HelloWin to do the analysis job for you.

Ding! Here is the analysis result produced by HelloWin.

Much to your surprise, the conditions (initially aimed for going Long) give BEARISH price development in reality. Without HelloWin, you would have suffered losses from going long those conditions. Now following the actual price movement model provided by HelloWin, our bias needs to be shifted to going SHORT.

Waittt… Here is another exciting POWER of HelloWin. The analysis page also indicates that we should consider exiting short positions around the 14th bar for maximum profits to be retained. Of course, we can ride the downtrend as long as possible if there is no bullish candle at all. However, if there is a green bar appearing around the 14th bar, then our priority is to exit immediately.

How to Pre-order

1. Go to
2. Enter the description = “YourName & YourEmail pre-order HelloWin
3. Enter the amount (USD) = 139
4. Contact us to confirm the pre-order completion
5. We will deliver HelloWin to you within 5 days after receiving your money.

HelloWin is’s flagship product that will be constantly updated, enhanced and extended with many coming plugins. If you pre-order HellowWin today, you will also be FOREVER entitled to a 30% discount on any HelloWin plugins released in the future (some examples of plugins: stop/target, reward/risk optimization, trade execution…).

If you have any questions regarding the pre-order process or HelloWin’s functionality, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you very much for trusting!

IMPORTANT: If you hesitate to send us $139 for pre-ordering, just contact us and say “Reserve 45% OFF” by March 09, 2022 at the latest, and you will still be entitled to a special 45% discount when the masterpiece product is released next week.

Of course, if you are willing to pre-order today, you will get the massive 60% OFF :)







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