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Superfast Ordering


Product Description


Availability for:

  • NinjaTrader 7 platform: AVAILABLE NOW
  • NinjaTrader 8 platform: NOT CONTINUED (purchased the NT7 version? don't worry)


Do you want a professional NinjaTrader single-click order entry tool?
Superfast Ordering marvelously facilitates your trading activities by enabling you to place orders directly from charts. You just need to use a simple combination of keyboard button(s) and a single left click:

  • Buy pending (stop, limit, stop limit): CTRL + click
  • Sell pending (stop, limit, stop limit): ALT + click
  • Buy market: SHIFT + CTRL + click
  • Sell market: SHIFT + ALT + click
  • Close: CTRL + ALT + click

3 modules pending order, market order, and close order can be switch on/off independently.

Superfast Ordering also supports stop limit orders with a predefined offset. Just enable this feature if you prefer stop limit orders to stop orders.

And… you know what? That’s just “fast”. I even make it “superfast” by adding the auto-confirm feature to help you bypass order submission dialogs. This setting can also be configured for pending orders and market orders separately.

Last but not least, a context status text is optionally shown at the bottom-right or top-right corner of your chart to display an order instruction for the keyboard combination you press. When you see an instruction (e.g. Buy LMT 1 @ 2000.50), just make a click to execute it. If you press CTRL or ALT to prepare for a pending order, a horizontal status line will appear at the cursor position to help you easily see the price level in comparison to past price action.

Superfast Ordering is an extension to Chart Trader. So, you must open Chart Trader to use it (you can minimize Chart Trader to save space for your chart). Trading quantity and ATM template are selected from Chart Trader.






Please read Installation Guide for details.


FREE support for life! Feel free to ask us anything, anytime.
In NinjaTrader 8 platform, you even have access to our PRIORITY SUPPORT directly from chart.
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All upgrades for NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8 are FREE to request.
A one-time low fee may be required for an upgrade from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8.
Please read Upgrade Policy for details.


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