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Super Alert


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Availability for:

  • NinjaTrader 7 platform: AVAILABLE NOW
  • NinjaTrader 8 platform: BEING CONSIDERED (it may NOT be continued in NT8)


Do you need a great NinjaTrader trendline alert? Super Alert is the one and only alert tool on the market that offers you this super functionality at this super affordable price.

What is the super power of Super Alert? Well, it lets you set alerting for any lines on your chart: no matter whether it is horizontal or diagonal; no matter whether it is a line, an extended line, a horizontal line, a ray, or an arrow line; no matter whether it is user-drawn or code-generated (you can have alerts triggered on user-drawn lines only, code-generated lines only, or both). I mean you are given UNLIMITED capability and flexibility to create alerts!

The most challenging part of building this tool is to retrieve the exact price of a line at the current bar, which is extremely complicated for diagonal lines. My advanced algorithm solves this problem perfectly, guaranteeing the maximum accuracy for alerting.

You can even switch back and forth between different timeframes (300 Tick, 5 Min, 60 Min, 10 Renko, 5 Range…), provided that the timeframes are NOT too far away. If the timeframes you switch between are very far away (e.g. you switch between 1 Day and 30 Min charts), then there will be considerable differences in the alert prices on the 2 charts, and no magics can be done in this case! Super Alert performs best on intraday timeframes, especially minute charts.

You can have alerts triggered immediately intrabar or only on bar closes. There is a useful option to help you prevent too frequent alerts on a line: “Wait Time“. For example, a wait time of 5 minutes means that when a line triggers an alert, it is “frozen” for 5 minutes; only after this time span can the line trigger the next alert.

What if you want alerting only when the market crosses a line by at least 2, 3, or 4 ticks? Yes, you can! This is another superior strength of Super Alert. Please enable the “Price Offset” parameter, and then alerts are only generated when the market crosses a line by at least the number of ticks you specify.

Alerts are generated via sound, popup, and email. If you appropriately configure the receiver email, you can even have SMS alerts instantly sent to your cell phone (please read Email Configurations). Here is how an alert message looks like.


You can see that the line tag is also reported in the alert message, so that you can easily identify the line triggering the alert. Therefore, it is very convenient to set a rememberable custom tag for each line: double click on a line, click the “Data” tab, then fill in a tag of your choice.

There are 2 modes of using tags to target lines for alert:

  • Include: Only the lines whose tags contain the word “superalert” can trigger alerts (the word is changeable)
  • Exclude: All the lines whose tags DON’T contain the word “ignore” can trigger alerts (the word is changeable)






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